About Us


I am Denise Jeremiah, African American, born and raised on the 15 mile island of Galveston Texas.

I grew up seeing plants and flowers growing naturally and plenteous all around me.  I would roam around the island following the scent of fig trees and tasting the nectar of hibiscus blooms.

My mother noticed early on that I had a love for all things natural.  One could say “ It came naturally to me!”  I always maintained my own gardens and raised my daughter with no traditional medicines, just herbs and she grew strong and has never taken ill.

For many years I formulated my own herbs, body creams and teas and used them on myself, family and friends. After 32 years of traveling the entire world, finding new and exciting plants and herbs, taking a master herbalist course and even following the teachings of the late great Dr. Sebi, I found one thing to be true.  The herb really is for the healing of the nation! Gen.1:29; Rev.22:2.

So with much persuasion I concluded that it was time to open F.I.T. and Blessed Herbs and make my formulations of herbs and superfoods available to everyone!

I pray for your health and strength on your journey to wellness!  Faithful in transition and Blessed is the goal of F.I.T. and Blessed herbs!


 Denise Jeremiah