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F.I.T. & Blessed

Spa and Herbs

We are dedicated to providing specially formulated herbs and superfoods to support the health, healing and transformation of every man, woman and child naturally, through detoxing and removing inflammation and toxins from the body. 

Best Sellers

Blessed Body Cream

Blessed Body Cream is the ultimate moisturizer! It is not only great for the body but also for the hair. Like everything else we sale this is made by hand and carefully formulated to include only the best ingredients to nurture your skin! 

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Total Woman

Total Woman is the multivitamin every woman needs! Not only does it supply you with all the necessary daily vitamins but it also helps balance the thyroid, manages blood pressure,  diabetes, weight loss and a host of other benefits!

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Blessed Brain

Blessed brain gives the mind a calm peaceful response to today's stressful environment. Energizes your mood, strengthens the immune response while supplying much needed iron to the body! Great for fast paced lifestyles and students!

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...when I use the products that I have experienced the Master’s Touch.The fit and Blessed Body Cream will leave your body feeling smooth silky and nourished .I find it quite addictive in fact I’m about to stop raving about this product and order some now.

T. Sam

Fit and Blessed is an Awesome business and so are the owners.... All the products and services are blessed and a blessing... My wife and I have been taking the supplements and have been experiencing great results...I highly recommend this Awesome business

Dr. Anderson

FIT & Blessed Herbs have been a God send for me!
When I began taking the Total Woman in November, I had visible dark, dry splotches on my face and legs.  I am normally very sensitive... to medications, lotions, and perfumes.  I took two capsules daily for two weeks and the dark spots on my face were visibly smaller.  One month later, the patches are completely gone and my regular facial and leg pigmentation have been restored.

V. Johnson

BLESSED EYES 1st time in years I did not have a change in my eye prescription! I have been using Blessed eyes for 8 months or more.  Peripheral vision is perfect. My eye lashes and Brows even be grew!! Blessed Eyes WORKS!D. League City TX.

D. League City Tx.